Research Interests
Declarative Languages, Formal Verification, Type Systems, Static Analysis, System Infrastructure/Management
University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawai'i, United States
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science August 2001 — May 2006
Professional Experience
The Filament Group, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
ConsultantAugust 2013 — present
Senior software engineer focused large JavaScript projects, operations, build management, and open source tools.
Adobe Systems, San Francisco, California, United States
Senior Computer ScientistJuly 2011 — August 2013
Senior software engineer focused on the jQuery Mobile open source JavaScript library. Contributed project guidance, features, build support, testing tools, and operations support.
Originate Labs, Los Angeles, California, United States
Tech Lead, Director of EngineeringAugust 2009 — July 2011
Senior staff member focused on management process, tools, research, development practices, project oversight and hiring practices.
The Henson Group, New York City, New York, United States
Software ConsultantNovember 2007 — August 2009
Specialized in .NET technology stack working for a diverse client set including hedge funds and large multinational corporations like Weight Watchers.
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Open Source
jQuery Mobile
Development LeadNovember, 2010 — Present
A JavaScript library for mobile compatability and UI consistency. Contributed project guidance, features, build support, testing tools, and operations support.
Co-CreatorFebruary, 2010 — Present
A command line tool for simplifying the use of virtual machines as development environments. Contributed initial source, testing, internal abstractions, and features.
CreatorAugust, 2012 — Present
A tiny object wrapper around the DOM, targeted at replacing the core of the manipulations found inside jQuery
National Championship, NCAA Division I Men's Volleyball, 2002
National Player of the Week, NCAA Division I Men's Volleyball, 2004, 2005
Letterman, University of Hawai'i, NCAA Division I Men's Volleyball, 2001 — 2005
available upon request